Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best Mustang Kits?

Just looking for some feedback and opinions on some of the best Mustang kits.  I just got into car modelling and the Stang is my favorite car, I really like the newer kits that are in 1/25 scale.  I know Revell's new 2006-2008 Mustangs are great kits in 1/25 scale but I can only see that Revell did a 68 Stang GT and it looks like all the other Revell Stangs are in 1/24th.   I sure wish Revell would re-due all the Stangs in 1/25 new moldings. 

 Any how, which 1/24 Stang kits do you think are Revell's best effort?


Virgil Ernest Irvan III Kenny Dale Irwin Jr Dale Arnold Jarrett

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