Thursday, March 31, 2011


HI , yup, I need advice . The cars in question are REVELL and AMT. I was in my local HOBBY LOBBY today and saw the CHEVY with the tilt trailer by I think AMT.What year is it and is it hard to convert to a ragtop?? The otherCHEVY I believe was a  66 IMPALA by AMT .are either one worth spending $21.00 dollars on ? Like I said ,in this part of TEXAS prices seem to keep going up . How about the 1970 1/2 CAMARO. That,s NOT the BALDWIN MOTION car is it ? The thing is I want to keep working on my RHAPSODY in BLUE diorama . I,ve been at it for nine years now and am close to the end I only need five CHEVIES .  All the cars are going to be in various shades of BLUE and some will be lightly customized (shaved and decked and lowered ) and the other cars except a few will be dead stone stock . The few not stock will be mild street machines. I don,t like and have never liked hood scoops that obstruct vision and I definitely don,t like blowers sticking through the hood . So the display will be kind of laid back and probably cover a whole table. I am using mirrored plexi and various shades of blue plexi in dofferent levels to build this thing.Some of the stock cars will have the old reprinted ads from way back then on the backdrop , courtesy of REMINISCE magazine ! I will let you see it in the GALLERY before I take it to the show .  Thats why I need five more  CHEVIES . Come to think of it I will have to trade into a 59 CHEVY   H.T.  COUPE (1959)   I will be glad to hear from anyone on those trades at . thank you for your help . oldcarguy


Tony Gaze Geki Olivier Gendebien

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