Sunday, April 10, 2011

1968 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner

I have long been a fan of the Plymouth Road Runner.  I loved the bare-bones muscle this car represents and, of course, the beep-beep horn!  I built a 383 Road Runner a few years ago and have been wanting to build another since.  Then I found my inspiration, listed on eBay last year at $99,000!  It never sold and the seller, a dealership, still has the car and is for sale at $88,500.  This car is not perfect and IMHO, not worth the asking price.  But, that is just me.
I've been planning this build for some time now and I have gotten all the items I need to start building.  I am starting with the AMT/Ertl '68 Road Runner kit.

My paint is MCW #6853 Electric Blue Metallic and the decals are from Keith Marks.

I am using the steel wheels and hub caps from Scale Equipment Limited.  I also plan on correcting the mis-shaped rear fender openings.

More to come.....


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