Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dodge Shop Van and Trailer WIP

I am now between projects (Very unusual LOL  :D ) and was trying to pick out another build.  Some of you probably do this as well but when I have a good idea for a car or when I am just tired of building and need to get some of the creative juices flowing, I plan out the next build – or two, or four – or 20 in a notebook  :lol: However, none of the one's I had planned out seemed like ones I "felt" like doing at the moment or I didn't have the parts yet.  So I began rummaging through my kit stash and found this.

This kit brought back some ideas I had when I got it.  So I pulled out a 21 ft galaxie trailer I had and I was ready.

This is going to be a shop/parts van for my now imaginary but soon to be started custom car shop and showroom.  I am now in the process of building vehicles for it i.e. a small tow truck, a car transporter, a race team, and a bunch of Mopar show cars. 
The van is going to have a 6.4 liter hemi (the new kind.  I am now doing research) and allison tranny (scratchbuilt) ladder bars and airbags out back, a custom dash, race seats, and a bunch of shelves and cabinets for parts in the back.  The trailer will have a few tools, more room for parts, and enough room for a small car.
Pic of the engine from the Revell Dodge Challenger


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