Friday, April 1, 2011

Revells new 1969 copo nova finished in champange code 63

Hi again,

                  I just finished this one tonight and had to post it up here. This is the new COPO Nova from Revell it is the same as the two other kits that are out already but for the new parts in for the copo kit.It went together just as nice as the other two that are out the nice stock hood is nice and fit nice and clean the rims were a nice touch also but when you glue the center caps on make sure that you have them centered.Same engine as the yenko kit but I will make a few Yenko Duce kits from this and use the 350 engine from the ss kit also.I painted this bulid in code 63 champagne met from mcw preped the body parts for primer,color and clear. The interior was painted in satin black I then wet sanded the body parts and then polished them to a deep shine.I then barefoiled the window trim. Now for the rear taillight pannel it is A seperate part and you have to paint it the body color this is a nice touch but I know some of you will ask if it is angle corrcetly it  just looks like it went on stright but I was going to try to angle it but I forgot to do it I'll tyr on the next bulid. But I thought it turned out fantastic!! I like that Revell gave you the choice of red or white line decals for the tiers also and body side stripes but I like the clean look my bulid has with no stripes.Well here are the pics and as always thanks for looking too.


Mauro Baldi Bobby Ball Marcel Balsa

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