Friday, May 6, 2011

Honda NSX

In 1991, Acura shocked the exotic car world with the introduction of the NSX, a supercar that stood up to models like the Ferrari 328. However, as good things can’t last forever, the NSX was discontinued in 2005 due to slow sales. Of course, it didn’t take long before people started talking about when a successor would show up, especially considering the fact that the NSX was said to go into production a few years back, but was denied on several occasions.

However, rumor mills don’t just shut down and the latest information churning them is that an NSX successor has always been in the cards. At first it was believed to come out in 2009, but the economic crisis made sure that didn’t happen so this future model is still a few years away. It was first thought to be powered by a 4.5L V10 engine , but Honda President Takanobu Ito has already chatted it up with Automotive News and stated that the future NSX won’t come with a V10 engine. The idea for an engine that size was actually dropped in 2008, then the company decided that the car should be environmentally friendly and still fun to drive. "That’s the kind of sports car we want to make," Ito said.

The future NSX will be positioned as a high-performance counterpart to the two-seat Honda CR-Z sporty hybrid. According to Ito, the company is working very hard on the new car and now rumors are suggesting that it will go hybrid. We’ll get official confirmation of whatever will be under that hood eventually.

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