Sunday, May 1, 2011

VW Beetle Altered from reliable resin


Here is my VW Beetle altered.

The resin body comes from reliable resin, & the chassis & engine come from the Amt "Winged Express". I expected a lot of work for the body to fit, but in fact, it fit relatively easily : I just had to shorten the roll bar in height (the part surrounding the bucket seat), & to move the engine forward a little (for the blower to go through the hole in the hood) - & of course lengthen the driveshaft. Apart from that, everything went smooth. I just wired the ignition, & added clear orange windows. The paint is an airbrushed "flame red candy" from Zero paint, over a Tamiya silver base. A big blob appeared on the roof, but I didn't want to clean & start again since the paint was nice, so I added a vinyl roof to hide that, & I like very much the look of it.

Thank you for looking.


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