Thursday, June 16, 2011

1:16 scale General Lee WIP

This is my first work in progress online so sorry if my progress is a bit slow.  I got the recently re-released big scale General for my birthday in April, and have now been working on it for about a month.  This kit has a lot of problems because it is based of of a nascar kit ( not sure why!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bang Head ) so I have had to do numerous modifications and this is my first real experience scratch building.  It has been a bit frustrating so far, but I am happy with my results and I plan to take this to the NNL West show next year, hopefully it comes out good enough.Cool  I plan to make this as realistic as possible so hear it goes and thanks for looking!


This is about how it will sit, but not exactly because the body is only sitting on the chassis.  As you can see there hasn't been any body work yet.


The kit has the exhaust incorrectly end at the headers, so I had to make my own out of 1/8 inch steel rod.  The shocks are 1/8 inch OD aluminum tubing with snug fitting aluminum rod slipped inside.  The kit has two shocks for each side which is also not correct for a stock 69 charger and the kit ones were rough at best.  I figured it would look a lot better if I made my own.  The tank straps were made by cutting strips from the frame holding some old photoetched parts and bending them into shape.


In contrast to the rest of the kit, this motor is probably the best I have ever worked with.  It comes with easy to use plug wires and even the hoses to plumb the motor.  I do think the distributor may be a bit out of scale but for me that is as small issue that I am not very conserned about.



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