Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cannonball Run 2011

Okay folks it's that time again. Lets kick the tires and light the fires.

As I've mentioned in the announcement thread, this is the thirtieth anniversary of the film, The Cannonball Run. For me and a lot of others, it helped forge the love of cars and more specificly car movies. It still puts a smile on my face.

The rules.

Your car MUST represent a car that "could" have appeared in the 1981 film. It must be a 1981 or older vehicle, and must use the technology and stylings of the day. If you plan on using some tech or items that someone finds in question it is up to the BUILDER to provide proof that it was in use back in the day. So rule of thumb, if in doubt, do your research. * I'm no auto expert, so I'm relying on the SA community to help keep us honest on this rule.*

The car must represent a car that you would like to race across country. Remember huge horsepower is great quarter mile, but you should be thinking reliability to drive from NY to LA.

Any scale.

No diecast.

The race is open to vehicles of any origin, foreign or domestic. It does not have to be a car that was commecially available in the U.S.. If you wanna race a Holden, by all means do so.

A started kit are allowed as long as you are NOT more than 25% along.

A parts box build or a tear down & rebuild are fine also.

We'd like to see an unstarted kit or whatever mess-o-parts you are starting from.

Wheels are gonna be a bear on this build. Remember 1 millimeter is roughly 1 scale inch if the kit is 1/25. So if your wheels are much larger than 16 millimeters across, they are gonna be too big .  Mixing scales is gonna be a pain too, a 1/24 scale rim is 17-18 millimeters across so on a 1/25 scale body they are going to look too large.

The last day of this CBP is going to be December 1st 2011. A bout two weeks prior I'll open a thread for you to post pics of your completed builds. On Dec 2 I'll close that thread and open a poll for our peers here to vote on their favorite.

You may build as many models for this CBP as you have time for, HOWEVER, you may only enter ONE car for the poll in December. So pick your best one. After all you can't drive more than one car at a time can you?

Anyone can enter this CBP AT ANY TIME. As long as we see the beginning, a build progression and an end result, I don't care if you knock one out on the weekend before the race.

Let's get to it.

The 2011 Cannonball Rogue's Gallery - so far that is.

Slantasaurus - Mercury Capri II  (a what?)

MillerMeteor - 77 Pontiac Ventura

Alex_bman33 - 69 Chevy Nova

Ace-Motorsport - 79 Mustang II (aka "Shortshot")

Wagonmaster - 69 Plymouth

Wraith - (treating us like mushrooms)

Dingo - Ford Falcon XY 350 GTHO (eventually)

Crazyhorse - Farrah's 76 Mustang Cobra II

Bloodyjaws - 427 Street Cobra (the cops will hear this one comin')

Zenrat - That 70's Chevy Van (sheesh another van)

Highway76 - Lambo Countach LP500S (very discreet entry)

Jantrix - 53 Studebaker Coupe  (bringing some Leowy style)

Bugace - VW Scirocco (challenging all Porsches!)

001Slick001 - 67 Chevelle

Redmountain - 81 Grand Prix 1/16

74F150 - 56 Chevy Bel Air

Jonnogtv - Fiat 500F

Lunajammer - 1968 VW Beetle street machine

Mopardude001 - 1976 Dodge Adventurer 150

Matt21726 - 1970 Monte Carlo

Hvymtl74 - 68 Charger

A.R.C. - 62 Bel Air

VWDave92 - another VW Scirocco - who 'da thunk it, eh?

Pyreman - NJ State Police car.

Generaltso - 79 Bronco

Crzycanuck34 - 79 Camaro

Mamps - Ferrari 308 GTS

Razor 68 - Lotus Super 7 Series II

NewZealand - 67 Chevelle







Andre Testut Mike Thackwell Alfonso Thiele Eric Thompson Johnny Thomson Leslie Thorne Bud Tingelstad

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