Wednesday, June 22, 2011

makeing a couple of ford/mercury

i am building a 1969 and a 1972 mercury cougars one is the elimanater next two are the mustang gth 2006 editions i am makeing them into street racer styke cars without the big wing and stupid black on black colar and wheel combo.should have them done soon i am going to gilbertsvill pa to the model show and entering this year i found it is only a hour or so away i cant wait but been haveing health problems and family issues that they are trying to have me looked in jail makeing lies about me.but i guess they hate it i find peace in working on my model cars and not being strung out on drugs like them i didi that and quit and couldnt take being like that they hooked me and now im good i go to a neuroligist and a doctor for my diebetis and that is out of control but i figure i wil have these done in the next month i might throw in a new challenger for good measure that is my favorite car i looked at a new one cant aford it but fell in love with it loll


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