Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pedrosa Confirmed Absent At Silverstone, Still No Date For A Return

That Dani Pedrosa would choose not to race at Barcelona was unfortunate, but not unexpected. After breaking yet another collarbone at Le Mans, just weeks after surgery to remove the plate from his other collarbone (his left one) which he broke at Motegi, Pedrosa was still not fully fit to race.

However, when Pedrosa failed to even attend Barcelona - his home round, hailing from Sabadell, just 15km from the Montmelo circuit - rumors started to circulate among the Spanish media that something more serious lay behind the Spaniard's absence. The Spanish media claimed Pedrosa had injured himself while training, while the Repsol team would say nothing beyond Pedrosa having had a "domestic accident".

Today, the Repsol Honda team announced officially that Pedrosa will also be missing Silverstone, and provided a convincing explanation for his absence. The plate fitted to his right collarbone use much smaller screws than normal, a step taken to ease Pedrosa's fears after the screws in the previous plate caused Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, blocking the flow of blood to his left arm. As a result, the injury is taking longer to heal, and Pedrosa wants to come back fully fit, rather than struggle on while not yet 100%.

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