Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sox and Martin 1969 Plymouth "The Boss" WIP

Well, before i take off for the weekend I started a build that I haven't tried in forever - a drag car. Thanks to Snake45 I have ordered the Slixx decals for this build. But i am probably going to need a lot of help because I really don't know all the NHRA rules for this period and i can't find good pictures of this particular model.  I did go to the NHRA Nationals in Indpls. where i grew up but i was paying more attention to the girls instead of the cars!  For example:

  1. Should these cars have front and rear lenses? I have seen some pictures both ways.
  2. I would think I should put a roll bar in and may borrow one from the 68 Dodge Dart Hemi as well as the crossram dual carb setup. Can't find a picture of the actual engine in this one.

In the meantime, I am sanding down the chrome strip on the sides, the GTX emblem, and will fill the marker lamp recesses. Thanks for looking! Cool


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