Friday, July 22, 2011

Eleven Down, One to Go

With Week 11 now in the books, and only one week remaining in the NASCAR Class A Season, the race to make the 2011 NASCAR Pro Series (NiPS) is coming to a close. For some sim racers desperately clinging to a final transfer spot, the end cannot come soon enough. While others trying to battle their way in need to come up huge, and only have one week of online racing to do it The famed “Brickyard” was the site for Week 11, and what a week of racing it provided. NASCAR Series World Championship (NiSWC) driver and past winner Brad Wright led the charge. Earning 224 points and one win in his two starts, Wright led the way, with Josh Berry and Eddie A. Smith rounding [...]


Bob Christie Johnny Claes David Clapham Jim Clark† Kevin Cogan Peter Collins Bernard Collomb

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