Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ferrari Eternita

The Ferrari World Design Contest is one of the most impressive design contests all over the world. This year’s contest was held in order to design the Enzo of the future and brought together 50 schools and universities (totaling to 400 participants) around the world with many outstanding designs from talented artists. Surrounded by the utmost in competition, the Ferrari Eternita - a concept car designed by Hongik University in Seoul - took home the gold. The second and third places went to design studies from IED of Turin and the Royal College of Art in London.

The Eternita impressed in terms of design, technology, and materials used. The designer developed a 1:4 scale model and paid lots of attention to reducing consumption with alternative propulsion systems. The Eternita’s power, in theory, will come from a hydrogen-hybrid drivetrain system with absolutely zero emissions. It sits mere millimeters off the ground and is designed so that the wheels mold into the body to reduce drag.

The model presented at the event had to measure between 420 and 470 cm and have a width of no more than 200 cm. The specifications were important to adhere to because the winning design would be the inspiration behind Ferrari’s next hypercar. Ferrari isn’t all talk and no walk either. Ferrari Millechili won the contest back in 2005 and his vehicle was used as a design inspiration for many of Ferrari’s models. This year’s winners - Kim Cheon Ju, Ahn Dre, and Lee Sahngseok from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea - are off to their three-month internship at Ferrari where they will shaprne their skills in the automotive industry.

Ferrari Eternita originally appeared on on Friday, 22 July 2011 16:00 EST.

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