Sunday, July 24, 2011

I`m I the only AMC enthusiast out here..just wondering?

Over the years I have viewed numerous excellent builds on this forum. However, at this juncture I truly yearn to see some new subject matter besides the GM, Ford and Mopars on this forum. It would be so refreshing to have Revell, Round 2, Polar Lights or Trumpeter  take on fresh subject matter like the American Motors (AMC) muscle car stable. Originally the AMC muscle cars were issued under the Jo-Han label. My understanding is that a gentleman by the name of Okey Spaulding had acquired the old Jo-Han AMC molds many, many, many years ago. Later there were others like Testors who released reissues of  several Jo-Han AMC muscle cars like the 1970 Rebel and 1969 AMX. Today, these molds are now worn out, missing parts or have been modified to cast the preceding model year kits. Anyway with all the new technology used today to master outstanding proportion and detail, that was not even dreamed of back in the day, new tooling would be best.


“Showroom”  high performance stock versions (not the drag or funny car variations) of American Motors muscle cars I would love to have reissued in 1/25 scale include:

1968 Javelin

1969 Javelin

1970 Javelin

1971 Javelin-AMX 

1969 AMX


1969 Rebel

1970 Rebel Machine

1969 SC/ Rambler (actually a high performance version of the 1969 Rambler American)

1971 Hornet/SC


I`m just wondering…are there any other AMC enthusiast out there?



Heck if were discussing reissued famous Jo-Han kits in general I would welcome the “stock” 1970 Ford Maverick and 1970 Comet with a straight six.




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