Thursday, July 14, 2011


Now , here,s a good subject . I for one will NOT pay the prices some think things are worth . Do you think I am wrong ?.Well , here,s an example (I am sure there many out there) I was at a local model show and vendor doing in SAN ANTONIO . I was just looking and I figured I mightr buy if I found something at a FAIR price . One vendor had model cars stacked to the ceiling , some third time re- pops . He was asking a minimum of $50.00 per kit .As I walked around I found what I wanted (The expensive vendor had what I wanted) At a working man,s price .As a matter of fact I found everything I was looking for and two I just wanted .Total cost ? I only spent$ 100.00 for the models I got and two were ships, one was a long o.o.p .aircraft and the rest (6) were cars (1ST time re-pops) . Now I felt I got a deal that was more than fair . I didn,t dicker or bargain either. I payed the prices these folks asked . NOW our friend with the sky high prices .I asked him near the  close of the event "How,s it going" He was deflated because he,d sold only two items all day . I sold there the year before and I took 7 cases(12 models to a box ) I returned with eight models I bought while there ,had twelve paper models GIVEN to me and I had to put six models I took,back in storage .I sold mine for two to three dollars less than todays retail .Was I silly ,? NO . I wanted to sell models and I wanted everyone to be happy with what they bought from me . . I find myself in the same situation now and I am paring down what I have . I won,t have time ,if I live to 100, to build them all . I will sell for less than others ,because I don,t want to be known as a highway robbing opportunist !! We have a hobby . If I have what you want and I am NOT going to build it why should I hold up someone who is ? So , there you have my thinking on the subject of selling old models .When I buy between shows I buy from FRED STERNS , have for years , His prices are fair and he has a good selection and he won,t sell you a model without you knowing what your getting .When I sell mine I tell folks up front wether they,ve been started and painted and so on and , I will take way less because of that . That,s how I do it .       oldcarguy.


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