Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mercedes MLC Coupe Crossover

The BMW X6 is no doubt one of the most successful models BMW has recently launched on the market. So, it should not surprise you the fact that more and more makers announced plans to develop their own version of the X6. After Audi has announced the Q6, Mercedes has also revealed plans for a MLC Coupe-Crossover. Of course everyone saw that coming as there has always been a war between the three companies.

The future MLC will be built on the same platform as the M-Class, but it will be completely different. The exterior design will feature grille, headlights and tail lamps from the CLS limousine, while the general look will be a something similar to the X6. The model will feature the M-Class all-wheel-drive, but without the special off-road capabilities. Engine line-up will start from a standard 265 HP diesel version and will go up to a 544 HP one for the AMG model.

Mercedes MLC Coupe Crossover originally appeared on on Thursday, 21 July 2011 15:00 EST.

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