Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1960 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

Hello all,

It's been a while since I posted anything new.  I present today the biggest pain in the butt build I've ever completed...not because of added detail, but because of unusual kit manufacturing.  It's an Italeri kit.  There were practically no locator tabs to help with parts alignment, and several parts didn't fit quite right.  Separate body panels that had to be attached, puttied and smoothed before paint weren't much fun either...especially since they made the chassis fit so tight.  It's pretty much box stock except that I added a few home made decals to fill in the decal sheet, switched the kit tires for a set of Michelin's from a Fujimi custom wheel/tire set, and flocked the interior.  I did have to narrow the wheels just a bit to get them to properly fit the new tires. It's finished in Tamiya paints: Light Gunmetal and Clear exterior with an Italian Red interior.

I didn't have the time or patience to detail it out as I had originally planned.  I was working feverishly to get it completed for the Derby City Shootout this past weekend.  When I started on it I wanted to fully plumb and wire everything, but as the build progressed I realized I'd be thrilled if it went together at all and looked like anything decent when finished.  I got 'er done and it ended up taking 3rd place in the Imports class; beat out by two fully detailed builds: an Acura Integra and a Honda Civic.  Both can be seen in my "Derby City Shootout 2011" album at the link to my photobucket pics below.

I'll spare the build up photos, those can be found in my photobucket albums, here she is all finished up:



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