Friday, August 12, 2011

AMT '69 Plymouth GTX to '69 Plymouth Sport Satellite

Hello fellow modelers! As you can see by my post count, I am new to the site.  I stumbled upon this wonderful site while searching for help in the build I'm about to start on.  I've been out of the modeling hobby for about 5 years as I had no where to "set up shop".  Now that I'm a homeowner with a nice big basement, I've created a space to finally get back into a hobby I used to love so much.  

I'm about to start what will be the most detailed build I've ever actually scares me a little.  As the title states, I'm looking at taking an AMT 1969 Plymouth GTX and turning it into a 69 Plymouth Sport Satellite.  I know that there are a few differences that I will have to address, and I was hoping to find more information on that on this site...and hopefully a few (or MANY) tips on how I might go about such changes.  The main motivation behind this build, is that for the last 6 years, my dad and I have been restoring our 69 Sport Satellite.  I want to build a car that looks as close to ours as I can get it.  

I've already picked up a Ross Gibson 383 engine (my first Gibson).  I've also re-stocked myself with Tamiya brand paints, Chrome foil, some DetailMaster ignition wire, and a couple of sizes of hoses to use for the A/C lines and vacuum lines.  I was hoping to use the paint that we painted the car with to allow it to match the closest, but I have to do more reading to make sure it won't actually melt the plastic (I still have to find out what kind of paint it is).  

Anyways, so as not to make this any longer, I submit for your viewing pleasure, My inspiration:


Thanks for looking.  I'll take any tips or constructive criticism you can throw at me!! I really want this to be the best model I've ever built.


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