Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Brand New Name in IndyCars

Monica Clara Brand?s name may not be quite as familiar to IndyCar fans as those of Sarah Fisher and Danica Patrick, but she has much in common with them.� Like Fisher she has qualified on the pole for an IndyCar race . . . 30 by actual count.� And, like Patrick, she has finished an IndyCar race in Victory Lane.� In fact, Brand has more than 25 wins to her credit from MIS to Iowa to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. What distinguishes Brand?s racing career from those of Fisher and Patrick is that all of her IndyCar success has come in a digitized Dallara on the virtual race tracks of�� In fact, the 34 year old resident of Bucharest, Romania has never even attended a ?real world? IZOD IndyCar [...]


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