Monday, August 8, 2011

Chevrolet Flash Fire Jet Truck is the world's fastest Chevy

If we asked you to name the fastest Chevrolet on the planet, many of you would probably answer a high-powered Corvette or Camaro. Those answers would inevitably be incorrect. Actually, we didn’t get it, either; at least until we found out about this replica Chevrolet S10 owned by Neal Darnell of Springfield, Missouri.

The story behind this truck and the kind of power it has under its hood is a picture of human creativity and the lengths people will go to make an impression on history. You see, when Darnell purchased the Chevy truck, it already came with a Pratt & Whitney jet engine that produced a staggering 12,000 horsepower.

Taking from his purchase, Darnell went out and sought some high-level training on how to tame his gargantuan beast while also receiving all the needed requirements - i.e. licenses from the NHRA and the IHRA Drag Racing - in order to have his truck be eligible for competition.

Darnell even named his baby the ’Flash Fire Jet Truck’, which pretty much surmises what kind of monster this truck is. And with a name like that comes eye-popping performance figures that justify its billing: 0-60 mph in just 1.5 seconds, an ’average’ speed of 350 mph, and a top speed of 375 mph.

Lord knows how Neal Darnell can withstand driving a car with this many horses under its hood. But for spectators like us, watching a truck emit insane amounts of flames from its rear end is like watching a rocket blast off into the horizon.

Chevrolet Flash Fire Jet Truck is the world's fastest Chevy originally appeared on on Sunday, 7 August 2011 18:00 EST.

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