Saturday, August 13, 2011

iRacer Profile: Sam Edwards

In many racing circles ?Squirrel? would not necessarily be a nickname of endearment connoting ? in most circles ? an excitable, unpredictable driver.� Yet, Sam Edwards proudly carries the bushy-tailed rodent?s handle and although he may be excitable, he?s anything but unpredictable.�� In 2011 Season 2, for example, you could have set your watch (figuratively of course) by the consistency of his performances in the NASCAR Late Model Series.� How else to describe a sim racer who recorded 41 top fives in 43 starts, completing 23 of them in Victory Lane? But what would you expect from a professional racing instructor?� (Edwards works for the Dale Jarrett?s racing school.)� And don?t pigeonhold Edwards as ?just? a Late Model racer.� The resident of Cullman, AL is branching out to Class [...]


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