Friday, August 19, 2011

Monogram Little Deuce

Sometimes you get lucky and get to build a brand new 45 year old kit, I happened to get lucky and find this for a song.

Paint is 1950 Ford Matador Red under 2 coats of urethane clear, Interior is black and white gloss coat, shot with a flat coat, then top coated with semi gloss clear, same with the top. The only thing that is not original to the kit is the decal, my original ones blew apart when they hit water, so I used the ones in the Monogram Classic Cruisers 32 Ford. This was a fun build, I hope you guys enjoy it. Criticism is always welcome, good or bad.




Georges Berger Gerhard Berger Eric Bernard Enrique Bernoldi Enrico Bertaggia Tony Bettenhausen Mike Beuttler

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