Saturday, August 20, 2011

monster truck /puller/mud racer/tough trucks cbp

alright, i'm gonna try this, hopefully we can get it goin with a little more allowance of entry.

nitrochargeraafc, i kinda took your rules, i hope you dont mind bud!

-Must be an existing or a no name monster truck
-Can be built box stock or out of several kits
-Aftermarket parts are fully welcome
-Home made decals are allowed
-It is preferable to post progress pics
-start date is september 11th, monday morning.
-multiple entries are welcome, however no more than 5 per person will be allowed.
-end date will be march 31st

there will a winner, no prize, just the glory of winning, as well as three classes.

class one- old style trucks, leaf spring suspension
class two- new style trucks, tube framed trucks
class three- work in progress, can be either new style or old, only enter this class if you know you will not be finished in time for the contest. you may switch from class one or two if you run out of time.

ok time for my entries.

in class one

Nightlife 2 chevy stepside
equalizer 2 chevy s10

and in class two

monster mutt 49 mercury
bigfoot 10(straight out of the box)

have fun and good luck!!!


Rudi Fischer Mike Fisher Giancarlo Fisichella John Fitch Christian Fittipaldi Emerson Fittipaldi Wilson Fittipaldi

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