Friday, August 26, 2011

MPC 1980's Toyota Celica-Supra WIP

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this just yet, but I think I'm going to build it box stock. Probably silver with a medium gray interior and some fine details in the interior and engine bay. I just bought this off of eBay this week...the guy refunded me the money I paid because he thought I paid double, then realized he refunded me the money I paid him correctly...he said he'd still send the kit and for me to keep the refund for his I got a super rare kit for FREE! I also bought another Fujimi Celica XX model that actually has an engine (not curbside like most Fujimi kits) that I will be doing a few little mods to, but it hasn't arrived from Taiwan yet, so I'm going to start building this one soon. Here's a few pictures of it:


Really looking forward to building the kit! I have always loved the MKII Celica-Supras and now I have one...well, a 1:25 scale version.


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