Friday, September 2, 2011

'69 Charger WIP's

Hi Everyone,

First let me start by saying I frequent this site often and applaud many of the builds and information sharing. Though I primarily build 1/48 aircraft (hence the call sign) and 1/48 and 1/35 armor I do occasionally built auto's and trucks.

Lately I have had the auto build bug and I just finished a Revell Cadillac STS for my grandson to prepare me for the 3 - 69' chargers that I am now building. 2 of them are the Pro-Modeler kits and 1 is the reissue. The paint schemes will be:

  1. Hemi Orange Ext with Black Interior
  2. Sub Lime Green with White Interior
  3. Silver depicting the Drag Version on the box with Black Interior

My auto builds have always been out of box but these will have wired distributors, using M.A.D. distributors. I am by know means a "gear-head" but I do know how to do basic auto DYI things.

So here is my first - two questions ( I will continue to post updated photo's)???

Where does the center distributor wire go on the 440 engine and where does the Black wire go?

Thanks for looking and more to follow.



















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