Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ferrari 458 Italia by Underground Racing

The guys from Underground Racing really do have some fantastic projects coming out of their North Carolina-based firm and their latest tuning project will surely match up to the newly-formed high expectations for the twin-turbo loving tuners. Most recently known for the lavish twin-turbo kits for the Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago, Underground Racing is in the process of slapping on another luscious turbo kit to a different kind of supercar: the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Details on the kit have not surfaced yet, but Underground Racing has provided these teaser images as a carrot-dangling attempt to lead us to their finishline. And it most definitely worked.

The Ferrari 458 Italia by Underground Racing will no doubt feature over 1000hp, since most of their other tuning projects boast of the same type of power, and will mean a horsepower amount that will almost double that of the standard 570hp. Not bad for a vehicle that Underground Racing readily admits is already fabulous in its own right.

"Even though we were extremely impressed with the handling and all the other cool features of the 458, we knew there was something missing. So it was then time for the Underground Racing team to design a 458 Twin Turbo system. As the pictures show, this is what we came up with. We will have a Twin Turbo system with a stock engine as Stage 1. The built engine with Twin Turbo system will be stage 2."

UPDATE 09/02/2011: It’s been months since we heard anything about Underground Racing’s Twin Turbo 458 Italia, but the tuning firm has just laid out a new video showing what the sports car can do when equipped with the Twin Turbo Stage 1 package. This upgrade will leave owners with an impressive 700 rear-wheel horsepower on pump 93 octane fuel. Don’t worry, a 1,000 HP model will follow!

Still on the fence about the greatness Underground Racing bestows? Check out the video after the jump to see every inch of the 458 Italia as it whips down the street!

Hit the jump to check out the basic components for a typical Underground Racing twin-turbo system.

Ferrari 458 Italia by Underground Racing originally appeared on on Friday, 2 September 2011 16:00 EST.

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