Sunday, September 4, 2011

iRacer Profile ? Luke Beck

Australia’s Luke Beck is man who knows what he likes.� And when it comes to sim racing, his likes can be summed-up in two words: Lotus 79.� OK, if you want to be positively wordy about it, his likes can be summed-up in five words: Classic Lotus Grand Prix Series. It’s not that he hasn’t tried other cars on the iRacing service, and even liked them.� Heck, Beck has raced (and continues to race) everything from Legends, Street Stocks and Silverados to Radicals, Dallaras, Ford GTs, Star Mazdas and HPD ARXo1cs.� But his true m�tier is tapping into his inner Mario Andretti/Ronnie Peterson with the Lotus 79.� In fact, Beck has finished no worse than third in the Classic Lotus GP Series standings in the past three seasons, twice earning [...]


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