Friday, September 9, 2011

Yamaha 1000cc Test At Misano: Too Much Horsepower For A Tight Track

The factory Yamaha team concluded a 1-day test at Misano on Monday, taking the 2012 Yamaha MotoGP machine out for the second time, after an earlier test at Brno. The test had originally been planned as a public test together with Honda and Ducati, but Ducati withdrew from the Misano test in July, and Honda pulled out shortly after the Brno test, both factories saying that they had nothing to test. As a result, the test morphed into a private test, leaving a small band of journalists to twiddle their thumbs in the press room, with no access to times and no access to the pit lane.

As a result, we have only the times released by the factory to go by, and with Jorge Lorenzo posting a 1'33.7 and Ben Spies posting a 1'34.3, both men were a couple of tenths quicker on the 1000cc bike on Monday than they were during the race on the 800s a day earlier. The difference with Brno was mainly down to the difference in the tracks: Brno is a big horsepower circuit with plenty of places where the added grunt can come into play. Misano is much tighter, with a lot of low-gear corners exiting onto the straights, meaning that neither the 800 nor the 1000 could use their horsepower to full effect. As a consequence, the extra mid-range of the 1000 largely went to waste. Even from the press room, sat above Misano's front straight, it was clear the 1000s were struggling to get the power down, the bikes wanting to wheelie all along the pit straight.

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